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Pacer’s Box - Intro to Storage IT and StorONE

Are you ready for a slam dunk of knowledge?

Join us Thursday March 9th at 7:00PM EST to get the ball rolling with an introduction to Storage IT & StorONE now – all during game time!

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Adapt or get left behind!

We all know that traditional enterprise storage doesn’t keep up with modern media technology and business needs. Fortunately, Storage IT & StorONE are here to show us the way forward with a next-gen solution that is always on AND adaptable to YOUR requirements. Ready to make storage work for you instead of the other way around?

Join us for an informative (and fun!) peek into how we can help you reach your 2023 goals and beyond!

Storage IT & StorONE
Making Storage Work for You!


StorONE is the first vendor in over a decade to rewrite and optimize the storage IO stack for modern storage innovations. DirectWrite and vRAID technology provide a solution capable of maximizing the performance of modern storage media like flash SSDs while overcoming the rebuild times of legacy large form factor HDDs.

Storage IT Solutions (SITS) is a value-added systems integrator with more than 20-years of hands-on experience. SITS has a proven track record researching new technologies to determine when and where they are appropriate. SITS has partnered with StorONE and Seagate to provide a Modern Storage Platform and comprehensive implementation services.