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I appreciate a partner that cares about our business and truly wants to help us find the right fit for our needs. We work together with an eye on the future and peace of mind, a shield from the vendors and a trust in what is engineered and provided.
Alex K.
Materials, Logistics, & Energy Company
I have been working with Storage-IT Solutions for more than 15 years. I cannot say enough about how well I've been treated. They have always had competitive pricing. They have always been there when I've had any issue. They even go to bat for me with the manufacturers when needed. The entire company cares about me and our company.
Chis J
TV, Internet, & Managed Service Provider
It is very rare to have a VAR who is more of a partner than just a resource. I've been in IT for almost 30 years, and I can't think of a single vendor that I have had a better working relationship with than StorageIT. Top notch technical and sales experts, always at the forefront of the latest technologies, just an absolutely wonderful company that has made my job much, much easier over the years.
Dan O
Marketing & Analytics Company
We’ve had varied storage needs over the years and have had great service and support from the folks at Storage IT Services. Their advice comes from great industry insights and experience with the technology, not because they are bound to any vendor’s product. We always feel like the team has our best interest at heart and not a sales goal. I always feel like we have an expert in our corner!
Paul C
Private University
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