Enterprise storage that enables competitive advantage at multi-petabyte scale

The InfiniBox® enterprise storage system delivers faster than all-flash performance, hyperscale capacity, and bulletproof reliability, built for the most demanding workloads in enterprise data centers.

Scale to Win: Consolidate multiple systems and workloads to improve performance and reduce costs

Infinidat customers routinely consolidate entire rows of legacy enterprise storage onto a single InfiniBox system, leading to 10:1 reductions in both floor tiles and network port costs. InfiniBox eliminates storage array and filer sprawl, allowing operations and capacity planning teams to leverage the economies of scale of unified data center-scale pools of storage. Flexible, software-defined quality of service and mainframe-class reliability ensure that mission critical line-of-business applications run nonstop alongside development and test workloads on a secure, scalable, efficient storage infrastructure.

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Performance: Attain faster than all-flash performance at multi-petabyte scale

The heart of every InfiniBox is Neural Cache, a machine learning algorithm that maintains a connected history of every data section the system has received since inception. By observing all network traffic to the storage system, Neural Cache uses the I/O history to recognize correlations in data access patterns and immediately begins predicting future I/O requests, which are preemptively staged in cache. Because most I/O requests are served directly from RAM (which is more than 100x lower latency than flash), InfiniBox customers can expect higher application performance from virtually any enterprise workload versus what traditional all-flash arrays can deliver.

Reliability: Quality becomes quantity

From the earliest InfiniBox installations dedicated to core banking workloads in the US, to the current global footprint that supports life-, safety-, and mission-critical customer workloads on six continents and in every industry we serve, Infinidat has earned an unprecedented reputation for product quality and reliability from a customer community that has zero tolerance for downtime. Every system is designed for zero downtime over the course of its entire lifecycle, and every deployment is eligible for a service-level agreement ranging from seven nines (3.16 seconds of downtime per year) to 100% data availability (zero seconds of downtime per year).   InfiniBox’s unprecedented reliability begins with hardware and software redundancy. Every single component in the data path is N+2 redundant. In addition, our team operates the largest and most sophisticated storage QA lab in the world (over 150 PB). Customers rest easy knowing that every component of every system passes through an exhaustive integration, verification, and test process prior to arrival on their data center floor, and their storage will run for its entire installed lifetime without interruption.

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To help organizations better understand the benefits and costs associated with InfiniBox, INFINIDAT commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study In April 2018. Forrester interviewed current InfiniBox customers across several industries and geographies. With the information gathered, Forrester uncovered some remarkable results based on a composite organization.

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