On-premise backup solutions are too complex, too expensive and getting more so each day.

Clumio consolidates the protection of data centers and any remote sites with no hardware or software to size, configure, manage - or even buy at all.

Clumio isn’t just managing the complexity for you, we have moved the game to the cloud and are unleashing all its potential. Take full advantage of the scale, economics, and elasticity the cloud has to offer. If you want enterprise backup with no constraints, you need Clumio. Try our Backup as a Service (BaaS) free for 30 days! 

A Simple Solution That Just Works

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Let Us Change That.

By the same strategic investors that brought the likes of Data Domain, Nvidia & Pure Storage.

Authentic SaaS for Enterprise Backup


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Eliminate hardware and software with 100% SaaS. Securely and reliably protect your workloads, on-prem and in the cloud.

Clumio allows IT teams to centrally manage their backup and recovery needs for VMware workloads, no matter where they run: on-premise or on VMC.

Real Time Dashboards

See backup status at a glance

Automatic Resource Scaling

The services automatically expands

Clumio takes advantage of the elasticity of the public cloud. The architecture is designed to be massively parallel and has access to virtually limitless resources.

One Set of Backup Policies for All VMs

Automatic backup enforcement reduces risk

Clumio provides the ability to define a single set of policies to protect your VMware VMs regardless of whether they run on-premise or in the cloud.

End to End Encryption

All backups are encrypted in-transit and at rest

Clumio is designed with Always-On Security. Encryption can’t be turned off and it is the first step of backup preparation.

Backup for VMWare vSphere

Clumio’s incremental forever backups reduce the impact of backups on production environments. Administrators can perform full VM restores from any point-in-time backup. The service also supports granular file search and restore. There are no limits on restores and there are no additional charges. Always-on encryption protects data at rest and in-flight.

Backup for VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS

IT teams can now define and apply one set of backup policies for their VM workloads. The service (BaaS) takes care of the backups no matter where the workloads run. IT can back up a VM running on-premise and restore it to VMC and vice versa. Other backup solutions require separate sets of backup infrastructure for on-premise and cloud workloads, driving increased costs and complexity. The Clumio approach will help accelerate the adoption of VMC without increasing backup and recovery complexity.

Backup for Native AWS Services

With Clumio, there is no infrastructure to manage and we provide a single place to set and enforce backup policies. Support for native AWS services will extend this to AWS accounts that run EC2 and EBS. Other backup solutions for AWS only store snapshots in the same source account. The customer remains at risk of compromised accounts and rogue scripts. Since Clumio backs up production data in the cloud, compromised accounts can be restored.

Best In Show

Clumio recently won the Best of Show award at VMWorld