Protection Against
Data Loss & Ransomware

Providing An Air Gap for Robust Data Security

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The Challenge

Traditional filesystems are vulnerable and often targeted for encryption during a ransomware attack. In most data protection environments, backup files, as well as the backup catalog are stored in production filesystems or volumes. Traditional backup appliances are particularly vulnerable to these types of attacks, due to the locality of data and inherent filesystem architecture. Here is how Clumio’s SaaS solution provides additional layers of protection from data loss and ransomware attacks.

The Solution

During backups, Clumio directly writes all backup data, encrypted before transit, to an immutable S3 object store that resides in the Clumio Service, which means:

  • The data, metadata, and catalog are stored in separate locations where any compromise in the customer environment does not compromise data secured in Clumio. Backup data is stored separately from backup metadata, which ensures that as the amount of protected data grows, no artificial scaling limits or performance bottlenecks are introduced. Furthermore, having the backup catalog secured and accessible outside of the backup data repository adds additional resiliency beyond a traditional appliance-based model. This isolation of backup data in the cloud is sim- ilar to not only sending backup tapes to Iron Mountain but also equates to shipping an active, manageable backup catalog to an additional secure location. A significant advantage over shipping tapes, however, is the immediate restore capability provid- ed by Clumio. For additional protection, all Clumio customer accounts are secured independently by encrypting customer data at rest with unique keys. Under NDA, Clumio can discuss the technical processes used to secure all data and services on the platform.

  • Backups written to Clumio can never be overwritten. Using a secured S3 object store, Clumio leverages an append-only write structure with versioning enabled, so overwrites or updates create a new version of the object, leaving the original ver- sion intact and unharmed. New data is stored in new locations within the S3 object store that provides (11) 9s of durability.

Clumio’s secure air-gapping of backups mitigates the risk of ransomware attacks.

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