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At Storage IT, we believe that there are four simple steps to helping our customers flourish: assess, architect, implement, and support. Assess – we first understand what the true underlying causes are to the Customer’s problems. Architect – we develop a playbook including technologies, training and processes to overcome these challenges. Implement – we have trained professionals certified in implementing the solutions provided from start to finish ensuring the Customer is satisfied. Support – for us it does not stop at the installation; we partner with our end users to proactively monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot solutions throughout their useful life ensuring they’re getting the best overall reliability and performance of their systems.

We have teams dedicated to each customer to ensure their continued success. We know that developing a solution requires commitment, so we become personally invested with every customer to help them solve the challenges of today and work together to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

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Storage IT Solutions, LTD is your Trusted Technology Advisor. We are committed to implementing innovative solutions that solve our Customer’s goals and objectives and improve their bottom line. Our extensive portfolio of Partners ensures that you are getting a solution tailored to your specific needs while increasing operational efficiency. We focus on developing relationships with our customers to more closely understand their challenges so we can deliver cost-effective results that improve business operations today and into the future.

Jean Corcoran – CEO

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