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From data centers to mobile devices, organizations around the globe have become more dependent than ever on technology to support emerging business needs.   Partnering with Storage IT Solutions (SITS) can provide your organization with the resources you need to gather information and make informed decisions that impact the bottom line in a way that counts!

Assessments & Planning

An all-encompassing IT support and IT management solution designed for businesses various sizes, focuses, and stages

Installation & Configuration

Enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and significantly cut hardware expenses through our comprehensive IT Services

Monitoring & Managed Services

Safeguarding client’s information assets, reputation & legal responsibilities from planning and  offerings to implementation.

Lifecycle Services & 3rd Party Support

On-demand cloud computing platforms that help you prepare data, infrastructure, and apps for cloud readiness

Your Trusted Technology Advisor.

Committed to implementing innovative solutions that solve your goals and objectives while improving your bottom line.

Your Data Management Partner

We focus on developing relationships with our customers to more closely understand their challenges so we can deliver cost-effective results that improve business operations today and into the future.


Storage IT’s cloud experts will help determine which applications belong in the Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud or On-Prem


From legacy architecture to new and emerging technologies, Storage IT has the experience and expertise to help you


Storage IT offers back-up & recovery services as a complete solution that is both reliable and trustworthy.

Data Protection

Storage IT securely handles your data and information in a way nothird party can decrypt any data that is transferred or stored

Let’s talk about what is in your mind. We can help.

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